Drifting Away 

I watch you drift 

Each passage leads you further 

You never look back 

Currents toy with your ambition

Eddies await to swirl your direction

On shore, any hope floats past you

Your empty hands only reach from afar 

Past the length of any arm 

Tomorrow you will out out again 

The tides await your efforts 

Again I’ll watch to see if you return 

We dance until the chord breaks 

The waves drowned the sound 

Until the horizon welcomes you 

 I’ll still be on the shore 

Waiting to see where you’ll go

Wordle – Fuzzy Thought 

1. Cloud

2. Crumble

3. Flight
4. Ambedo ((n.) a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details—raindrops skittering down a window, tall trees leaning in the wind, clouds of cream swirling in your coffee—which leads to a dawning awareness of the haunting fragility of life.)
5. Blackberry
6. Dazzle
7. Switch
8. Tide
9. Care
10. Voracious
11. Eminent ((adj.) high in station, rank, or repute; prominent; distinguished: conspicuous, signal, or noteworthy: lofty; high: prominent; projecting; protruding.)
12. Misbehave
Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem
The words can appear in an alternate form
Use the words in any order that you like.
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My clouded mind crumbles.  Tides of care take flight and dazzle my ambedo mood. Voracious blackberries take eminent roles.  They misbehave in whispers leading me from my troubles.

Writing  Prompt #189 Dreams Impossible 

“There’s a yak.  The thing is huge, as tall as a windmill.  I’m asking it about the used bookstore down the street.  The one with the green exit doors.  So this is where it gets weird….” Larry pauses to recollect the thought. 

“Not weird at all.  You fell into a MC Esther print. Did you take the upstairs to the basement or fire escape to the roof?” Penny hates the dream game.

“I’m talking to the yak and this hand appears behind him.  It is closed like there’s something in the hand.  The wrist flicks up and marbles fly everywhere!”  Larry moves his hand to demonstrate. “Then this Viking goddess starts winding a old phonograph that plays a song about doing absurd things to achieve impossible things.  Oh, the goddess has only a head and arms.”

“How do you know she was a Viking goddess?  Maybe she was part of a dance troupe.  Would a Viking goddess have a record player?” Penny knows this is the way it goes every time.

“You’re right.   She would have done kind of stringed instrument… Wait, she’s a goddess.  They live forever.” Larry stumbles on reason.

“Good, you figured it out.  Don’t sleep again, please.”  Penny answers “I have tried the absurd and haven’t accheived  any impossible results.”

Written as part of a challenge details are available at https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/12/04/writing-prompt-189-bonus/

Voyage into the New World 

I sail a black Sea

Stars burn as centuries

They hold  the sky in place

I ride stone waves of ancient seas

My path among the darkness

New lights shine in the distance

Waiting to see them is painful

Faith tells me they glow like Sun drops

High above the Valley is my new world

I pass through portals  of time 

Time fails to notice me

My sea parts smoothly

Here at the future


I’m sinking in your quagmire

Pretending it means something

Pretense that it mattered

I falter in the act of hope

An act of solo solidarity 


Solid ground gives after belief dies

Pillars of marble splinter to fill

When the glass has been taken

The Winoow is called a hole in the wall

My foundation was built on pixie dust 

Dreams live only where hope and belief dance

The record player is quiet

The band has the day off

I strive to build a bridge

You’ve burnt away the forest

An empty field is what  we share

The grass has been pastured

Stubble and rain of tears is left

The fragility of life is a measure

What we need and want

And what we do to keep it

The pixie dust has consumed me

Your quagmire turned quicksand


My house is built on sand

Walls made of dreams

Kaleidoscope paint color

Images of pasts that never were

Thousand clocks waiting on right time

The alarms rusted in situ

​Hall is my gallery

Panels show dreams of romance

Distant rooms lay unused

Was I wrong to build a house on Maybe? 

<a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/maybe/">Maybe</a>

Minute – Six Sentence Story

This week’s cue is minute.


I became lost in the moment.  My mind hovering on the most minute details.  If I could hope to hold on to the sliver of time trapped by within one minute. 

My eyes want to believe the memory will endure.  I collect sixty second scraps of life to build a dream.  I know my chances are minuscule.


I tasted you this morning

Sweet as ove ripe pear

Metallic like a bad tooth 

Bitter like swallowing pride 

I washed away your shadow 

Darkness hides your sinews

Light reveals your nothingness 

Rasping points gouge skin.

Lost lost caresses of crushed glass

I long to feel the velvet you hid in

Whispers of perfume call out

Excitement dares me closer

Carrion with rose petals

White noise voices tickle the ear

If I listen again,  I grow deaf 

Empty words fill out your form

My Dream – Photo Challenge #123

All is quiet but the drawing of my breath.  Mechanical draw,then click when I exhale. My visor shines with scattered light. Stars distance and rather close sparkle and twinkle.   I float through endless space.   Blackness overrun by splashes of intense light and heat.

If I could tell, I must be spinning.  Trails of light Mark paths to and from clouds of color.  Bodies move quickly flirting with my eyes.   I pause to catch a glipse…it’s gone.  Another glowing form comes toward me.  

Internal peace seizes my body and mind.  A mechanical breath draws and clicks to exhale.  There is no self here.  I’m not sure reality is here anymore.  There are lights.  Points of lights swirl before my eyes.  Round dots expand to five points.

“My God, there are alive!” My voice speaks to the lights themselves.  My hand reachs up to find a starfish in my hand.

Voices surround me.

“Ashes, ashes we all fall down!” A million children sing slightly off key. Skipping like a vinyl records.  Hisses mix in and the bump before it repeats over and over again.

The sky turns into a funnel of light.  Calligraphic symbols and letters dance into the abyss.  I feel it’s pull.  Darkness surrounds me with light dragging me to my end. My arms flail.  Swimming in space.  I travel slowly as the lights spin faster. I sense the light leaving me behind.  Darkness covers me like a blanket.  Dreams don’t wait to hold me.

I would scream if there were muscles in me capable of movement. Sounds break the darkness’ grip.  Light doesn’t find me.  Movement does instead. A great big Planet crashes into my back.  The sky cracks like an egg.  Tiny shell fragments descend like glitter.  High above stars make familiar constellations.   One stars departs with a slight tail.

Written as part of a challenge, detail below




        photo by Rosan Harmens

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Three Line Tales, Week Twenty-Two

Bonnie perched on the topo map cabinet stretches out her view.  Her narrow finger follows the black dotted line past switchbacks, creek beds, and ridges, her mind draws images of forest breaking open to canyon.  Now if she could just get a ride there, but this is the dreaming stage.