Reblog -Bonus Wordle “Alphabet Soup”

A challenge for those who dare.  26 words to torture your mind.  Below is link and original posting from Mindlovemisery’s
You come as a deadfall snuffing me suddenly with a scurried squeak. Ultimatums notwithstanding I am still crushingly sensitive. I deserve precisely this, only this and nothing more. – The jaundiced moon appears in flashes, cloud-diver, oyster shell, mother. I offer her my obeisance and she in turn removes the thrall of complexity. – Shawls of […]

It’s a Valentine’s Meet and Greet: 2/12/16

Happy Valentine’s Day! The Meet and Greet continues today so be sure to stop by and visit other bloggers.  I want to remind everyone as to what I consider to be the most powerful aspect of the MnG concept and that is to visit other sites and introduce yourself.  Leaving your link and leaving is […]