Your Angel Commentary Po.em

Your angel is my demon 

How do you know my angel is fallen one?

If you could fly, how do you fall?

Singed wings – like Icarus 

Attempting forbidden 

Pleasure and pain of burnt fingers 

Only pleasant memories and scars 
Demons dance with angels.
Another commentary po.em from  Lorraine and myself.  Her words are italicIzed.  More of her words are located at and

Kindred Spirits – Commentary Po.em

Free to explore each other’s 

Kindred  spirits left unbound

Tastes desire longing to run

Full frontal onslaught, eyes wide

Stolen moments lost in amazement

Touching of souls; touching of faces

Another commentary po.em from  Lorraine and myself.  Her words are italicIzed.  More of her words are located at and

Breath -Commentary Po.em 

Breath held in longing

Nervous eyes hoping it’s mutual

Tentative touch of hand

Waiting for return on feelings

Scarred and scared

Calm in distress, Rabid in peace

Go for the throat or heart

Another collaborative effort between Lorraine and myself. Her words are italicized. She can be found at and  Please stop by and visit Lorraine.  

Void – Commentary Po.em

Falling in to yesterday 

Eternal quest

Butterfly or moth

Searching for flower or flame

Slipstreams into fact

Tumbling letters break words

Nothing held or possessed 

Like shadows in the dark

Another commentary po.em with words from Lorraine, and, and myself.  Her words are in italics.  Please stop by a visit her! 

Singularity – Commentary Po.em

Moving toward the event horizon

Singularity engulfs everything

Time is an illusion

in a silver of moment ecstasy 

Sleight of hands, smoke and mirrors

Vision tricks sense of touch

Hearing our emotions

fearing our senses

Blessed by torment 

ephemera passing as nostalgia 

Talisman of misfortune

Desperately trying to match breaths 

lost in the cacophony of heartbeat

Another  commentary po.em collaborated with the lovely Lorraine, Her words are italics.   These lines were compiled in comment sections along the way.  

Midnight Mirror

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Spirit of the thoughts

A chance at old haunts 

Wraiths wander in remembories

Spectres loosen chains and wail

Cacophony of the dead

Whispers of life extinguished 

No longer dormant

Rising on the winds

Embracing wings of the vulture

Catching thermals straight from hell

Fumes of brimstone scented in singed hope

Burnt offerings

Heaved on the ethereal alter

Sacrifices of dust and bone

Flesh having been previously spent

Cost of doing business with the devil

Had I only recognized my own reflection

In the witches cauldron, in the midnight mirror

My intact form could then suffer on

This was a random collaboration from the comment section between the lovely Lorraine, and myself. Her words are italicized. But better yet more of her words are found at

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