Christmas past

We all have memories of what Christmas is or was.   Some are simple, like I remember getting the greatest present ever.   Or finding the legendary gift to to all gifts.  Maybe, the spirit of the holiday.   The people who we can not longer share it with.  

For my little local world of Cleveland, this was Christmas.   Well Christmas past.

Video from when it was only shown at Christmas time.   Hard to believe but a movie made in this town would go on to bury Mr Mingling.  Ralphie probably had the ghost of Mr Jingling help shoot his eye out.

Oh Christmas Tree

I struggle for air.  I look at my fallen foe.  I hold up a white pine tree.   It’s Xmas!  The novelty of planning a live tree for the spirit is long past.  There are things people don’t do at ten o’clock at night.

The wet ground didn’t yield to the shovel well.  If I had planned it out, there would be a full moon.  Stomping in the mud.  Tugging at the live tree.   The damn thing just doesn’t want to stay straight. 

I stand there in the dark.   Staring at the tree.  It leans toward the right.   No matter how I move it.  It leans right.

Hmm, a stone about a foot round becons.   A perfect wedge to set things right.  

Uummmpphhh!  Stone feel much bigger when it’s breaking your back. 


It sticks in place like glue.  The tree tugged again.  It’s pin straight.  

Xmas is saved.   Well, once the mud is back in the hole.  The lights will have to wait. 

I’m covered in mud.   Scratches at my arms from being grabbed and struggling to plant a beast and a half.   My breath is still not right. My heart pounds.   The escaping air forms temporary clouds around me. 

My last look at the nights work leaves a smile on my face.  My eyes held fast on the tree.   I turn, returning to the house, five hundred feet in the distance.  My right foot kicks something.

My tired eyes see a man’s billfold.

“Oh shit!   Uuggghhhhhh! Daniel, I’m throwing it in the lake! Oh hell! You can’t hear anymore.   After I put lights on your grave, they come to see you at least. Merry Christmas, old friend!”