Groundhog Friends

We have a groundhog problem in the garden.  Well, it turns out we have a stray cat with a friend.  What you don’t see is a ground hog running away.  The same ground hog that eats green tomatoes and peppers.  The stray cat has decided whose side he is on.

Kenosha – Writing Prompt #121


The plague.  Its gone now.  The scars remain. The carriers stayed in the shadows.

Terminal Six, western edge of the city.  Rising glass fronts to capture the rapture of the setting sun.  The upland range reaching to pull the sun down into a bed of darkness.  The stars coming out to witness the day’s end.

If it was just the plague.  

The International Terminal was the showcase of the West.  Its 25,000 people a day, was a small city pushing in and out the doors.  Eventually there would be stowaways.   The brown ones.  Why would anyone bring them along?

The baggage area.   Hundreds of bags.   A small tear in a suitcase,  an escape.  The fleas come first.  Submerged in the carpet.   A traveler feeds their need.   The bacteria festers.  In a week, the respiratory conditions meets a high fever.   The dozen infected across the country are the first warning.   Retracing the lines back takes time.   The third dozen, brings black legs as Septicemic Plague announces its presence.   A drop in the travel bucket.  It’s been the weeks.

Center for Disease Control doesn’t see the plague often.  In a month, across the country never.  The travel.  They all traveled.  Their stop was the same.  But an airport is a large place for a flea.   Or the rats, they came in on.

It would have been fine.   Quick treatment.  Isolate the area. But what happens when the rats stay in the duct work?

Happy Be An Angel Day

The week ahead is filled with exciting possibilities! I mean it starts with be an angel day, which is always 8/22.  This isn’t one of those moved to Mondays for the sake of creating a long weekend.

Be An Angel Day has a theme of providing good or kind acts to others.  Recognizing the angels in your life. So grab a bundle of Queen Anne’s Lace (flower of the day) and do angelic things.

Sunday, August 23, Ride the Wind Day.  Self explanatory really.  Fly a kite, plane, glider, hang glider, sailboat…sail the sailboat.   Left the air take away your troubles.   If you are ilequiped to celebrate, throwing a paper airplane had is on merits.

Monday, August 24, Vesuvius Day!  The anniversary of the 79 AD explosion burying 3400 people.   Under all that lava and pumice, the Romans froze in time.   All their dirty laundry left on the clothsline of time. 

Wednesday, August 26, National Dog Day.  Now, people this is three weeks into the dog days of summer!  Be that bad timing or not.   It’s a day to honor or afoot and honor a four legged companion.  Anyone who ever had a dog understands unconditional love.  Then they make it shake paws, dress them in stupid costumes, talk to them like children,  and realize they are working for animal that lays around the house all day sleeping.  But they will get you at the door when you come home!

Thursday,  August 27 Global Forgiveness Day.  When you really screw something up bad, this is your day! Actually, it’s a kind and gentle day.   To acknowledge the hurt we may have caused and received.   To make life better for everyone.   But theirs always a catch. .. those folks at International Forgiveness Day.  Please forgive them for hijacking the original.

Reblog – Snake Oil

I have akways loved stories about different saying.  Where the words and phrase come from and if the meaning changed.   So today the story of snake oil related through Atlas Obscura.