An Alien Capital?

Seriously, a small town in New York claims to be just that.   You can even find more answers with a UFO group the leader lives on Sleepy Hollow Rd.  Nothing on whether he had a house or holds his head in his right hand.

Out There

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Twinkling blue lights spin around a small barrel in the sky. It’s so far up.  A satellite’s path.   It’s heading straight for the brilliance of Venus.  The mind of Xavier pictures astronauts seeing out the strange world.   Rain of acid, temperatures that melt metal, world cloaked in clouds.  Other worlds hold a young man’s mind tighter then what lies before him.

The twinkling changes color to white.  The object slows.   It’s somehow larger.   Dry morning winds rise up the cliff.   It’s gritty sand takes his view off the barrel. It’s gone.

A warm breeze stirs from behind.   Xavier turns.   His gaze fixed on the man behind him.   Both and raise outward.   Palms turned facing the man.   Gravity falls and the body floats just above the ground.   Feet bending as toes unconsciously feel for the earth below.

Blue light shines over him.   The long purple shadow behind him twists and moves.  The shadow arms and legs dangle like a puppet on a string.   Xavier body does not move.   The high pitch fills the air from all directions.

Xavier reaches for his face,  sitting out pieces of wind.  Wiping the sand from the corners of his eyes.   Venus had moved faster west.   It’s height in the sky is different as the stars behind her have moved.

“What just happened?” He asks the growing sun.