Do rattlesnakes swim? This Arizona fisherman found out


The Mask

My fingers ply at the mask

Janis should be our patron saint

My smile tears at your frown

Warm pleasant thoughts try to thaw

Distant storms stir dreams of hope

Your person moat worn like badge

With no bridge we stay afar

Mysteries of imaginary barriers

Built by ghosts waiting for your bidding

I visits them regularly in your place

But still my fingers ply at the mask

When do I dare remove it?

Tracing the Night

I trace through the night

Stars light my weary path

My hands are my map

As I flee the daylight

I am exactly who I speak not

Embracing the rich darkness

Measuring life by the heartbeat

Craving out peace in others anxiety

Pounding pulse is just a ‘hello’

Smiles are currency for trade

You will never know my way

For neither will I until its past

If I tell you I trace the darkness

It’s seems a silly game

If my stars guide me I must be lost

As sure as the dawn comes

I exist as a specter in your mind

Beneath the stars I trace the night


Dawn breaks upon your smile

My heart races to meet the Sun’s rays

Hope builds the bridge to you

Crossing the moat of indecision

Desire inspires alternate ways

There is always a way with hearts

You may only be a beat away

Surely just one dream from now

Crumbs build my bricks toward you

Please be the change I need

Tomorrow dawns upon that smile