See Where the Cassini Spacecraft Crashed into Saturn (Photos)

Cassini is one of the most successful probes we have sent into space. After 13 years of studying Saturn, it was crashed into the planet to prevent us contaminating its moon’s that could harbor life


Do You Have Halloween Stories

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Her long brown hair trails

A little tattered at the ends

You feel her presence quickly

The air turns cool as she moves

Dark eyes sparkle with color

Her smile warming at first

Against a deep blue sky she glides

Trees glow in her wake

You hate to see her turn away

Behind her a long dark shadow

In which things slowly fade away

Color breathes rapidly now


“What do you mean he’s gone?!” Abigail looks at her mom.

“The guy across the street. You know sits by the flower pots and waves to everyone.” Mom points with her right hand. “He’s gone”

“He told Sheila he was going to find peace very soon. He was weird” Abigail grows tired of this conversation

“Find peace? What kind of freak did we talk to all this time?” Mom furrows her brow

“Mom, maybe he was a psychopath or bank robber! How cool he lived right there.” Abigail taps on her phone “Im gonna be so cool. I lived never a real life criminal!”

“We don’t know that! You can’t tell people that Abby!” Mom looks concerned and stops to look at back across the street. “What if he was?”

(132 words)

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer

Farewell – Photo Challenge #180

Dear People,

My time has come. You’ve spent eons trying to understand me. I have wrote my messages in blood, white chalk, paint and tried digital for awhile. The whole was “the End is near”. With humanity it always was. Every sense of fear created conquest, war, famine and death. My saddlecloth changes and your names do, as well. In my bid adieu, I cast the last light upon the end of your path.

My nature is much that of your languages. The ability to redefine what it is the I may be. In a final attempt to reveal the truth, I appear as I should to your modern words. You may not look upon my face, lest you may remember my true name. Your time for heroics past. Like your history and adherse to the myths of belief, you will rise into the air as dust.

Farewell. My efforts to teach you the importance of tomorrow and banding together have failed. Tomorrow, finally will come. Remember how you wanted to live your last day. It’s close.


<a href="">Sympathy</a>

“Sympathy? I remember sympathy. It was a two way street, once.” Her face stretched and slightly twisted. Shadows fill lines within her face.

“I… I don’t understand…” his voice breaks in disbelief and the hopelessness of being bound. The sleepiness and mix of a pharmaceutical cocktail crawl under his skin.

“I have remembered everything. Particularly, how much sympathy I have seen.” She fractures a small smile. It provides light in a darkened room between two empty souls.

Floral Skirt


1. pistil [the female reproductive part of a flower. The pistil, centrally located, typically consists of a swollen base, the ovary, which contains the potential seeds, or ovules; a stalk, or style, arising from the ovary; and a pollen-receptive tip, the stigma, variously shaped and often sticky.]

2. stamen [a stamen is a male reproductive organ of a flower. It produces the pollen. The stamen has two parts: the anther, and the stalk. The stalk is also called the filament.]

3. arabesque

4. skirt

5. socket

6. measure

7. loop

8. simmer

9. granny knot [The granny knot is a binding knot, used to secure a rope or line around an object.]

10. clutch

11. reverse

12. dawdle

Slowly, I dawdle down the dark street. My lone measure is a skirt. Loops of flowers, touching stamen and pistils. Arabesque lines clutching each other like granny knots. Eye sockets simmer as I take measure of its movements.

Overcoming the World

<a href="">Overcome</a>

Not necessarily where I tend to write but here we go…

People we need to overcome this whole problem of race. Spoken as a white suburban kid who attended a college in the inner city (during which I tutored & worked with kids teaching then science from surrounding horrible schools). I have an insulated viewpoint.

Everyone wants to belong and believes their opinion matters. The people of the US have a real problem with history. No one alive today can change what happened. We can not justify what our ancestors did, simply because we have no idea of the why things were that way. It’s not simple as tearing down a statue, that memorialized the relatives that were killed in battle for a war that 150 years later we still don’t know the real reasons the war started in the first place!

My relatives had family as indentured servants. Meaning they came here on a ten year plan to work for the rich and be set “free”. Ten years of work and it was took that they never paid for food or broading. They lived in horse barns and carriage houses in New England all year. The Irish were considered trash. If you died you were thrown in back of property. If they needed to build a wall, those bleached bones made good mortar. My point, no statues honor these people. Bad things happen. At one time, every ethic group had taken advantage of another.

Today, we have a bigger problem than race. It’s called economics. There are simply not enough decent jobs to sustain enough people. You are being fed by the current government a plan to keep racial division in the forefront. Why because we can’t handle open discussions on race. We revert to the past. Yes, it happened. Do you have a time machine? Should your child have the same discussion in 20 years because we stayed in the past? Every time we avoid fixing a problem you decide agitators get to wide the gap. White supremacist didn’t get much coverage under Obama, but one comment about “both sides” and you’ll never hear the end of them. News made then important, ignore and they crawl into their holes.

Every clash loses middle America. Even if your justified, you lose! With mergers in the last 20 years, main street businesses are the jobs. We hurt their business, you lose economic opportunities. Your town loses tax dollars, your schools lose, your kids lose, you lose. There were peaceful protests that ended Jim Crow laws. They make boring news but stay on message. Once the fires and tear gas start, you’ve lost the middle ground. We have become a country of extremes.

You need the middle. The middle isn’t white, black, Hispanic, religious, red or blue. They want to believe we all have a chance to get by. The side who poses the largest threat will always lose. Social change is needed. But who wants to do the hard dirty work of starting and maintaining it?

E Plubis Unum.. There’s a reason it’s on our currency. From many, one.

if we stop worrying about economics more than race, you will see real change. Money is power. Time the playing field gets more level, then and only then will the country heal. The wealthy couldn’t care less and they get more while you quival about injustice.

The inspiration here are the Cleveland browns players. During the national anthem 22 players had a prayer for national unity instead of standing at attention. The uproar was sensational. Why because the media didn’t find out what they were doing, just calling it a protest. Tomorrow police, military and players will stand together. Unity and peacefully pledging to work in the community to help end tensions.