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Hello world. Welcome to my little corner. I’m Mark. I have traveled a little (fifty US states, couple provinces in Canada, and couple states in Mexico). I’m sharing pictures and out of way places mostly. Cancun didn’t need attention you know it’s there, But pyramid at Coba, you can climb there. Waterfalls in West Virginia to desert of California, I’ll take you to places you may have never heard of.

But wait there’s more! Come by for pictures stay for flash fiction! I like a good twisted story with flawed characters. I won’t keep you long, very few over 300 words. Once in awhile there’s a happy ending. I’m working with a couple of challenges, so maybe we will meet there.  Leaving any comments, likes or follows leads me back to you.  

There will be reblogs!  

As of January 2017, I have launched a brevity based site.  Http://Project21words.wordpress.com.  Any thing you can do in 21 words or 2 images can added to the site.  It’s a communal idea.  Anybody willing to play along, email me at Project21words@gmail.com.  I’ll reply with invite.  You accept and write something.  You sends images to email that accompany work.  I see it as pending review, then post it.

A sample of what awaits you. …

Flash fiction 

In pictures

In poem

This is your humble blog host.  That is Tulum, Mexico.  The view from the wall behind is far better. 

85 thoughts on “About My Digital World…..

  1. The call of the sea. I once moved away for 9 months. 9 miserable months away from the lap and pound of sea on sand and that certain salty smell. Got claustrophobic, felt surrounded by people. Finally moved back. Had to. So I understand your love of the coast.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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      1. Go to your site page where you can see view site down to settings. Tap WP Admin. Dashboard will come up. Tap the three bars symbol at top left. Down toward the bottom of the column will be Users. Tap that and you will see Invite new. Add my username, any1mark66. Under role change that to cotributor. Add your topic or ideas. And respond to the one I just sent you too. 😀


      2. I cannot post photos on a guest post. I can add them from your media files. So I can email you 4 pictures or I can post 4 pictures on a posting called guest from which you can download to your media file. At that point either of us can add them. I have numbered items them Xxx1, Xxx2,Xxx3, & Xxx4. I wanted to make them stand out in post. I submit the post for review. Let me know how you want the pictures sent. If you give me your email in a comment you should go back and delete the comment later


      3. I will send the photos again. I was about to add the pictures but it shows links in the post. I was sure why but we will try again. If not I’ll modify the post without pictures.

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    1. I’m trying to get better at the visiting new sites part of blogging. Time slips by you when you’re doing things like Blogging U classes and challenges. I have made a challenge to keep up with as many everyday inspiration posts as I can. 😀

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    1. Darling, the Big Island of Hawaii will be coming for you very soon. Mai tais on a deck overlooking a beautiful sunset. You must endure a couple hours of laying on a salt and pepper colored beach and Snorkling with turtles and tropical fish first. Thanks for coming along! I appreciate it.

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      1. I’ve been to Oahu and the Big Island. The Big Island is favorite. So many places that you can be alone in paradise. Or stop at a roadside market, and they will share places to go that somehow don’t appear on maps.

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      2. Yes, good point. I don’t drive when we go Mexico for that and other reasons. Tourists are cash cows in some places too. Hawaii is very laid back. Unless you’re stupid, it hard to get in trouble.

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  2. Hi, Mark. I visiting because you left a like on my “We are His Reason.” So I came over to wish you a personal Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See, I’m traditional all the way! Have a blessed 2016. I appreciate your visits and hope you will be back. My posts also are seldom very long. They move fast, except when I make you stop to think! Hopefully I do that some times. I definitely will visit back.

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  3. Hi: I do a ‘once in awhile feature’ called Sunday Blog Visits, where I write about and promote visiting the blogs I enjoy reading. Coloring Outside the Lines is featured this coming Sunday August 23. Love your blog!

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    1. Thank you. I’ll have ti look into my gallery for something to add. Appreciate the invite. The there was a couple tries. I like the checkerboard look. My original attempt was “boardwalk” and it created issues with some people being able to read on smaller scenes.

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