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“The ripening grape shall hang on every thorn.”

Incultisque ruhens pendebit sentibus uva.Virg. Ecl. iv. 29. Virgil

To make British Port Wine.[31]—”Take of British grape wine, or good cyder, 4 gallons; of the juice of red beet root two quarts; brandy, two quarts; logwood 4 ounces; rhatany root, bruised, half a pound: first infuse the logwood and rhatany root in brandy, and a gallon of grape wine or cyder for one week; then strain off the liquor, and mix it with the other ingredients; keep it in a cask for a month, when it will be fit to bottle.”
Taken from A Treatise on Adulterations of Food, and Culinary Poisons, Frederick Accum, 1820

The small wooden barrel has three inches of dust on top.  The paper had been yellowed.  It’s letters the purple of poke berries still sharp.  The receipe on port wine was centuries old.  But why was it here?  The keg plug hammered in place well before a machine could make it.  Oil lamps burned back when it was sealed.  The two foot tall relic stood as a shadow off to the side.  If not for a chance passing, would it have ever been noticed.

“Uncle, uncle, uncle what treasures did you bury here?” A voice tears into the dim room.

The barrel moves easy.  Most of its contents given as the angel’s share.  The slushing inside announce a presence.  A mild berry smell beckons from the past.  The dark wood and cooper rings have aged in impeccable condition. Grabbing the top edge, he rolls it on edge, out across a deep shelf.

“Joshua, you don’t want to try that.”  Uncle’s voice rattles him to the core.  The hair on the neck are stood up.  Goosebumps run through the arms, like a jolt of electricity.

Joshua stops moving the barrel.  The keg plug stares at him.  The voice echoes.  The lack of body for that voice is a problem.  After another minute he pushes the barrel back.  Gathering his thoughts, it seems a good time for lunch.

Reblog – Bet You Can Eat Just One GMO

It’s a sad thing but truth in labeling means you know your chips aren’t GMO free.  GMO taters are legal for food sources here in the land of the free.  In this case Frito-Lay doesn’t want you to know if their products contain GMO taters.  You really don’t need to know anything other than they are safe.  Why should you get to choose wether you want them or not?

 Alex Beauchamp (@AlexAtFWW)

5/12/16, 10:11 AM

Frito-Lay fighting GMO labeling in NY, but here are they potato chips, purchased in Ossining, already labeled

REBLOG Interesting article from Science Daily : Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases

High Fructose Corn Syrup alters the genes in the Brian.  Well, these people seen to think so.   But the US government subsidiaries help fund our destruction health.  Yeah that’s it!

Reblog – FDA Kills the French Fry

Seriously, FDA leave my fries alone!   Do we ready need a GMO potato?!  And if it’s so safe why can’t we get a label to let us choose if we wish to be guinea pigs.  The government is out of control isn’t my preferred path.   But I don’t have a food chain available outside the grocery store.   I mean I could have chickens and cows where I reside.  But eating Betsy the cow would have a drawback, and chickens are really filthy.  It’s easier wrapped in plastic.   But if my beef roast says it came from Mexico, why can’t my salmon say in came from nature?

Below link to GMO approval

Someday We’ll Be Just like…..Venezuela??!!

Really, we have Medical Salmon…. Err, GMO salmon …. A food medicine of fish.   The FDA says it’s safe, what ever it maybe.  But GMO seeds.  Well, we make not be able to eat corn that is GMO.  But the cattle, pigs, fish can.  But if we give up the freedom, we get better food?! Sad, but true.

Take two salmon and call me in the morning

This is a great, albeit scary Reblog. GMO salmon is considered an animal drug, and no need for pesky food labeling.  Details below.

Depression and Aspartame

I little story about aspartame and it’s effects.  As usual, we approve something for use. Then instead of it being in one food it’s in a bunch of them.   So hoist your fat free yogurt and wash it down with a diet pop. Then read this.

Reblog -Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Back In The Water…

A little dramatic possibly.  The US government has approved GMO Salmon!  I guess commercial fisheries were not good enough.  Soon coming to your local grocery store, FrankenSalmon!  Seriously, we can’t tell them apart.  The breed with native species,cross breeding happens will fish fairly easily.  And the pay off, we don’t know what effects GMO protein has on animals. Short or long term.  So what’s on your plate? Do you know?  Could you find out?  The fifteenth ingredient of the cake mix is listed, why not GMO sourced material?

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If the environment were a bank it would have been saved already.

— Senator Bernie Sanders
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