Banana Berry Almond Smoothie – Day 6


We are running at full speed in Smoothie Land!  The receipes are getting easier because I can understand what the product will look like now.  The process is explained differently in each book or post.  First thing learned after one week of use, blend greens with liquid.  Once the green liquid is smooth add protein or powder supplement.  We now have good looking smoothies!  Well, it helps!
Today’s Mad Scientist List:

One cup Blueberries

One Frozen Banana

One cup Red Grapes

Eight Strawberries (quartered)

Two handful greens (Spinach and Spring Mix)

One and half cups Almond Milk

One Tablespoon Flaxseed Powder

One Tablespoon Chia Seeds ground

First step, take greens and Almond milk and blend smooth.  Add the proteins and blend thirty seconds.  The fruit comes next!  For best look, cut grapes in half.  I’m ok with a little bits in smoothie. As in picture above, strawberries and banana are in chunks.  This all blends in under a minute to a fairly smooth apparence.  This receipe will produce about 35 ounces (1.1 liters).

After several smoothies, I have the following advice.  If you don’t like an ingredient, say Mango.  The Mango Lime Smoothie won’t taste good.  As much as I like to think you can dress up a smoothie to mask things.  Think lipstick on a pig!  It might look slightly better but it’s still the same.  My heartfelt recommendation for first week are Banana Orange, Pineapple Orange, and Banana Coconut.  I can’t rate today’s receipe.  I drink these the next day.  It may change overnight.  They do tend to thicken up in the fridge.  

As far as weight loss, I’m not thinking much has changed.  The pants are a little loose but not much.  We are trying.

Smoothie Day 5 – Mango Lime

Today’s smoothie flavor is Mango Lime.  This is more green than last ones but not as coarse.  This is the smallest yet producing 30 ounces (.9 liters).

The mad scientist list:

One Orange (baseball sized)

One Lime (Palm size)

Two Thirds Cup Mango Chunks

Two handfuls of Spinach/Kale mix (remove stems)

One 11.5 ounce can Coconut Water

1/2 cup Water 

Two tablespoon Flaxseed Powder

One Teaspoon Protein Supplement

One serving Stevia

This is a little different in production.  First off, the secret to making smoothies smooth blend the spinach or greens and water/liquid first.  Blend the greens until they are completely liquified.  Then we add fruit.  The orange and lime peeled and seeded.  The powdered protein next.  You can substitute any protein powder for flaxseed.  If you are drinking it right away, use eight ice cubes instead of extra water.

Blueberry Lemon Smoothie -Day 4

Day four of the smoothie craze!  We are expanding boundaries and moving into lemon land.  This is a return to green stuff as well.  Green tea, spinach and kale being the green part.  I’m hoping to cover the taste well.

The Mad Scientist list of ingredients:

Two Lemons (slightly bigger than a kiwi in size)

One cup Red Grapes

Eight large Strawberries

One cup Blueberries

One cup frozen Mixed Berries

Two tablespoons Flaxseed Powder

Two handfuls of Spinach/Kale mix

20 ounces (700ml) Green Tea

The lemons were peeled with some white fiber left on.  Strawberries quartered with crowns removed.  The mixed berries were blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries.  You may wish to slice grapes to make them blend better.  The smoothie looks a little uneven, not particularly smooth.  Either over blend, or cut up fruit more for smoother apparence. The total volume here was about 40 ounces (1.2 L). So adjust accordingly.  


Pineapple Coconut Smoothie Day3


The journey into smoothie-land goes tropical!  I searched high and low to find something worth the effort to cut up a fresh pineapple.  Well, my dear friends, I give you the next great life changing smoothie!!  Really, I’m getting better at this.  Pride comes before the fall.  So be very iffy about tomorrow’s receipt.

Humbly called Pineapple Coconut leaves out the Grape, Orange, and Peach.  This is a tropical mix.

The mad scientist list:

Half Fresh Pineapple (2 cups)

One Orange (baseball size)

One Peach 

One cup of Red Grapes

One half liter Coconut water

Two Tablespoons of Flaxseed Powder

Cut Pineapple into dice sized pieces, Orange peeled and sectioned, Peach sliced thin (I cheated and used frozen), the Grapes a handful and a half thrown in last, the coconut water was last in.  The blender was set for smoothie for three minutes and pulsed to break up grapes.  You may want to cut grapes in half first.

Enjoy, please feel free to express any experiences with these.  Tomorrow’s dream blueberry lemon….well berry something.

Orange Banana Strawberry Smoothie – Day 2


Surviving day one with smoothies.  I am back for more.  First day lesson was if you don’t drink it right away add extra water.  I’m using flex seed powder, apparently the dried powder are my liquid.  A day wiser.  Using my smoothie book which is only a guide, I wanted to try an orange, banana and pineapple.  Nothing matched these together.  The Internet offered others but the refrigerator didn’t match up.  The result….The Orange, Banana, Strawberry Smoothie!! Notice it’s not all green.

The mad scientist list (actually I was a Chemistry Major who researched at NASA)

Two frozen bananas (they blend better this way)

An Orange (baseball sided, peeled and sectioned)

Twelve Strawberries

Two Tablespoons Flaxseed Powder

Two cups of Almond Milk (I used vanilla flavored)

One handful Fresh Spinach

I sliced the frozen banana and strawberries into big slices.  I added half of each fruit, then powder, then rest of fruit, then about 1 1/2 cups of almond milk.  This blended well, and after about two minutes (bits of color left) I added the rest of the almond milk.  It poured much better into plastic bottles.  My receipe produced about 34 ounces or 1 liter.

Looking forward to  pineapple smoothie with coconut water or coconut milk tomorrow.

The beginning of smoothies

Smoothies Hits Home

Someone in the house decided that smothies are what we need to get in better shape.  We now have a blender, a book about ten day cleanses, and a reluctant smoothie chef.  The last part would be me.  Why?  Like I really know!  I’m just the smoothie bartender minus the liquor.  I’m really good at making up drinks, but take away the alcohol….well it’s just wrong.
So day one.

12 medium strawberries (not pretty ones, no crowns)

2 kiwis with skin on 

1 cup green tea (cooled)

1 cup water

2 handfuls spinach

2 tablespoons flaxseed powder

Blended to completely smooth and greenish.

Refrigerate or blend in handful of ice cubes.  

This produced about 24 ounces, or .75 liters.

Veggies and fruit freshness will effect volume!

Day two oranges and pineapple, and almond milk!

Suggestions greatly appreciated!

Tomorrow less of me, yeah right


Color Your World- Laser lemon


A color that frazzled the eyes. ..


First flowers of spring (one of a living fossil, colts foot)


Ren and Stimpy accent color (sing “Log” with me now)


Yep, he’s been drinking. ….again


Drink Me – Literary Lion

Literary Lion. 72.

Literary lion prompt Drink Me
The challenge twenty five words only.


The Summit.  The patron and his disciple.

“It’s muddling of classes. Worthy rise above. .. ..  Apex sunlight… … sunk below peasants.”

“War and drinks. Next round, yours!”

Johnny Toxin Football

Full disclosure.. I’m one of the lost tribe of Cleveland Browns fans.  Somehow, fittingly, we can explain why Charlie Brown (coincidence,  I’m sure) let’s Sally his  football for the field goal attempt that never happens.


Photo Credit : Charles Schultz via Wikia

But wait it gets better!   It’s a switch-a-roo…

Photo Credit : Charles Schultz via Wikia

Violet?  Who the hell is violet?  We have a perception problem here.   The source of Charlie Brown’s issues of trust run deep.  We like to have neat, clean, simple answers.  Our minds will gladly create these for us.  It’s a survival tactic.

Back to the story at hand.  Poor little rich kid with NFL dream job that people would kill for (even on bad team).  Alcohol is a powerful drug.   Fame and other drugs may play a role here as well (stories with allegations have been published for two years in Cleveland).  There may be one or two of us who found our share of interesting experiences or all the way to legal trouble because of these things.   But killing a career with it?

The player’s name is Johnny (Football) Manziel.  He was a Heiseman Award winner (best college athlete).  Drafted in first round (highly paid, expected to be really good).  He had a city, and a lot of the country hoping for good things.  We build our foundation on quick sand however.  

There have only been eighteen times that there were questions of his drinking, possible drug use, security sent to his residence to find him, police reports involving him, episodes of lying to his team about his whereabouts/missing team activities, or self postings is drunk incoherent ramblings.   Model citizen!  I was 23, once.   I made 24 working and drinking full time.  My father never said in an interview “without help, we’re concerned he won’t make his next birthday.”

The silver spoon was gold plated.  The NFL football teams offer the best of the best help.  These are million dollar thoroughbreds to their owners. 

The real problem to his situation must be a great deal of self doubt.   He is a headline story due to beating up his ex girl friend.  Of course, like a “real man” he threatened to kill both of them, then left.   He was seen nearby the same woman’s had against a window while driving in October.   But the explanation of he was trying to keep her from jumping out of the car worked.   He was driving about 90mph using the shoulder of the highway.  Knocking someone unconscious probably sides keep them in the car (fairness, he didn’t accomplish that part).  By the way,  his supporters blame the girl.   She must be a gold digger to do this.  She was smart enough not to be in pictures of the partying.

It would be a sad story of great potential going bad.  It could be a blazing star burning out too soon.   The pressure of it all made him a bad person……

Ah, he is a bad person.   He has a history as a bad person.   He continues to tell you how he will get better and learn from this.   He’s sorry for the whole thing.   It’s a mistake.   He’s never had to lose anything.   Now he well lose it all.  Hopefully,  charges are filed and stick.   He earned this.

In short,  relationships are about lifting each other up.   Not tearing each other down.  Hurting others to make yourself feel better never works.   Blaming drugs and alcohol is like blaming others.   It’s not going to change anything.

Depression and Aspartame

I little story about aspartame and it’s effects.  As usual, we approve something for use. Then instead of it being in one food it’s in a bunch of them.   So hoist your fat free yogurt and wash it down with a diet pop. Then read this.