Nomination for One Lovely Blog Award

First and foremost.   A big thank you to Nitin Chandra Nair, http://nitinnair.WordPress. com for this honor.  The idea others read your work is rewarding.   That others will comment means you have created a connection.   To receive consideration above that is reassuring that you did good with what you set to accomplish.  Again, thanks to him and my follows.

The One Lovely Blog Award it’s an award by the bloggers for the bloggers. A way for one blogger to appreciate another blogger’s creative genius and facilitate more views on their deserving blog


Here are the rules of this award:

1. Thank the person who nominated then for the award
2. Add the One Lovely Blog logo to their post
3. Share 7 facts/things about themselves
4. Nominate 15 bloggers they admit and inform these nominees by commenting on their blog

Ok.  Rules are boring. Drum roll please.

Seven Facts About Me

1. I can’t spell.   I have sloppy hand writing, it covers grammatical errors well.   Thank god for auto correct, now something is worse at spelling.

2.  If stranded on a desert island, I burned the boat.   Nature is my temple.   Mountain view, blue waters of the sea,  My heart yearns for the next view.

3. I’ve been removed as a supervisor for getting along too well with problem employees and improving writing conditions.

4. I found that do unto others can be extended to include “revenge is a dish best served cold” (yes old Klingon proverb)

5.  I really believe the Cleveland Browns will win the Super Bowl (some day)

6.  I drink bourbon (see 5).  Elijah Craig is my new best friend. Despite his 12 years of age, he’s affordable at $25. 

7. Best line in a sing ever “You just a picture.  You’re an image clutching time” (thanks to Ronnie James Dio)

My Fifteen Nominations:
1. Priceless Joy – Http://
2. Jessie – Http://
3. Izzy Grabs Life – Http://
4. Skyllairge – Http://
5. Afairymind-
6. John Yep –
7. Amommasview –
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9. Dave Parkinkspot –
10. Humaaq-
11. Ericcantu –
12. Sonya –
13. Jennifer Nichole Wells –
14. The crafty lady in combat boots –
15. Ipekseyhan –

While this list is some of my favorite reads, it also helps that they comment on my work. No story can be prefect to read or write without an outsider opinion. My characters will say anything to have another story write about them, so I rely on others to point out issues in stories. I thank you ask and anyone who had taken the time to follow me.