Sunday Whirl – Channeling

Voices become unhinged, bruising my listening ears. Vision fails to match what aches could push nerves to their edges. Nails on chalkboard could never blossom in such a manner. I wish I could remember numb or savor the quiet again.

Sadly the remote is lost

Quiet of the Night

My conscious walks the halls

Footsteps of earlier events go by

What if’s hang in the air like dust

Pieces of unresolved items shimmer

I pretend it doesn’t matter at all

Still the footsteps ring out

My mind fits puzzle pieces together

I have no idea of the image

Just assure myself it matters

Sleep drifts to others as I ponder

Paths lead somewhere I don’t know

I pretend I do again tonite

As my conscious walks the halls

As it is below

I jump into the water

Waves swallow me whole

Caresses of silent cocoon

Sole sensation drowns the world

Sound of heartbeats echo

Their drumbeats drive me on

I’m searching blind inside

It consists me somehow

Isolation brings out myself

Filters lost on dry land

Immersion therapy my calling

Serenity wakes my soul

I channel through the water

Dreading the world above


Sure about that?

Simple questions

Most difficult answers

Memory sanitize thoughts

Of course, I didn’t…

But wait there was…

Nevermind it was long ago

Maybe didn’t think first

No harm, no crime

Life is lived in greyscale

We keep saying it wrong

Everything is black and white

Just not in reality

We play facts away

Still holding truths distant

Surely, I know I’m right

I’m the one remembering

What was the question anyway?