FFAW – Dreary Start

This week’s photo prompt is provided by wildverbs. Thank you wildverbs!

The alarm can not remove the mental cobwebs. I shake myself and reach for caffeine inspired cure. My mood seems to melt into the dreary outside. A surely chill finds my back. This was the day of change I promised myself.

I am too old for sudden change. My mind is circumspect to my desire for new paths. Restlessness seems cozy in this grey slimy day. I stare at the door leading me to that sudden change. It seems further away than normal.

Heroic efforts get me upright.

“I have this in me, I know it. I’ll charge through that door” my pep talk does wonders for my weary soul.

I open the door. The grey spills into my face like a cold wet kiss. My energy tries to crash and burn. I realize I have forgotten to dress accordingly.

We will try this again.

145 words


13 thoughts on “FFAW – Dreary Start

      1. If that was all I was doing my fingers would be too wrinkly for my phone.😉 I spent long vacation going back to Ohio seeing Mom. And I was trying out being in supervision at work. So my mind has started returning to normal….semi normal


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