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Mountain Whispers

Mountains whisper to me

Their soft low voice

Intertwined with morning mist

Their trees sing with leaves

Distance birds repeat the chorus

Even the wind accompanies

It’s a song of nature and peace

Tranquility that steel and glass lack

My mind discoveries calm

Like a disease spreading like fire

It engulfs who I am

Lighting a path even in daylight

Mountains whisper to me

But you have to wander to hear them

Captured Moments

Moments hang like spider webs

I see them sparkle in the light

Sight unseen once I look away

Much like the past forgotten quickly

I pretend they no longer matter

Trash strewn across my timeline

Emptiness imposed upon them

It distances the effect upon me

Distraction from where I was

Whom I tangled my past among

Calling them memories changes them

Breaths life into their shadows

I prefer them on the periphery

No one gets hurt that way