Sunday Whirl – Generations

“The spirit listens. What you breathe and what writing you place upon the sacred Earth matters.” Black Bear looks away as he talks following a cloud with his eyes. “Prosper is not an act. It dulls senses. Slowly, it digs through your years leaving holes.”

“So do I put this piece of malachite on Ebay or not?” Jessica looks at her Grandfather. Her vision of a few dollars rapidly disappears.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Whirl – Generations

    1. We saw fires in distance in Colorado two weeks ago. I feel for you. We have had a few small fires choose to us. If the monsoon doesn’t hurry there will be plenty more


      1. We keep having air quality alerts and I don’t open my windows or turn on my air conditioner. My poor sinuses can’t take much more — I have really been sick with them because of these fires.

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