Tending Your Fires

I have watched you burn the house

Your fire cursing more than darkness

Living in fantasy can corrode the soul

Particularly when they aren’t yours

Even worse when they are orphans

We can not hold the whole world

Nor make the Sun bend to us alone

Sharing is the breath of nature

Purpose of hope is to feed the being

Not a bug meant to be smashed

Right is not a birthright or measure

The world has been grey shades

Light and darkness playing together

Aggression is poison we drink

Hostility, sulfurous smoke choking us

Envy, blinding oneself with wants

Burning down my world means zilch

Yours is still empty and ice filled

SGrab your lighter, your bills of need

As the flames get higher and higher

what about you do you ever see

Or still curse your darkness


3 thoughts on “Tending Your Fires

  1. “light and darkness playing together” . . . “Or do you still curse darkness” I like these lines and these ones inbetween the most. I think b/c they relay that darkness perhaps is a necessity or inevibility of being human and needed to have light as well. Darkness also seems to be needed to be accepted for the subject of the poem to see themselves in truth.

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    1. Darkness and light have always been like two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other. We tell ourselves different things to make us believe they are completely separate entities. The people who believe they are only good seem to end up blind

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