Sunday Whirl – Pets

Power sprouts like seeds forming chains. Simple pressing like prodding from any unseen tip. The voice stays the same never quite showing the bag labeled lowest rank. But slowly the sage of the home shows herself.

Apparently, the cat needs my attention now.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Whirl – Pets

      1. My sister is staying with me after she has been in rehab for 6 months for brain surgery and a broken hip and my cat hides all day long and only comes out when my sister is out of the house or sleeping.

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      2. That’s funny. They really don’t like certain people. I hope your sister has a speedy recovery. Maybe your cat can tell she’s a dog person. 🤔


      3. My cats read people really well. The ones that are allergic to them, they tend to want to run up against them. The girls are sensitive to dog people. I’m not sure how, but they can tell the difference. The Tom cat is our official greeter. He loves everyone


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