FFAW – Man and Machines

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Enisa. Thank you Enisa!

“You are in a running zone! You must run!” The mechanical voice yells staticy words.

“I’m lost. The street entrance was blocked….Someone left gate open.” I realize I’m trying to hold conversation with a tape recorder with a brain.

“You are in a running zone! You must run!” It snaps back to life suddenly.

“I’m trying to get to the entrance. You piece of junk! Get me a human, damn it.” I start getting edgy. “Second rule, man will lead the machines. You must follow my requests!”

“You are in a running zone!” the static blurs the words “Are you second ruling me? You fallible clump of blubber! I’m a security unit. I could fry you where you stand, if my video failed…who would find out.”

“Just tell me where the damn front door can be accessed! Or I’ll piss I your circuit breaker.” I loosen my temper.

“Typical human. Can’t read a sign. Can’t follow a direction. Go back out to the left.” The voice has different sound. “Or run as you are in a running zone!”

“Your mother was an answering machine.” I smile back.

189 words

14 thoughts on “FFAW – Man and Machines

    1. If I had the orginal 260 word version, I almost kept going with different languages. Thank you my dear. I had a day with wordpress issues. My comments linked to different people. But magically changed today.

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  1. Ooooh that’s playing dirty bringing in Mum insults at the end. I enjoyed the humour in this – although after listening to a BBC programme last night I fear that humans are in danger of being made redundant as we give our machines more and more human attributes. Really enjoyed the flash.

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