It’s surface spins.

Oily rainbows skirt by

Watching within the world spins.

Thoughts left behind like illusions

My mind races to fit the images

They seldom come to me.

The wind cuts across

The bubble bobs and weaves.

A flock of dozens more grabs hild

Hand in hand and they dance off

Oblivion or forever they go

I wonder if what was seen

I know images but not complete

Left to fill in details

I wander along still

My path somewhat different

11 thoughts on “Bubble

  1. Again beautiful I:ages, described perfectly. I like oily rainbows and bubbles bobbing and weaving. Hope all is well Mark. I’ve been reading some of your poems etc. but not as able comment as much as I would like. Cheers

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      1. In JUNE we’l be there. I think the third week. I’m going with my Mom, and it’s when the audit at her work is over; she works in student finance at a university and is a supervisor/ manager so she needs to be there. But after we’re off for 7 days. I’m worried about the flight there, it’s really early at 8:30 A.M., and I’m not a morning person b/c I have to take meds to sleep at night. I could wake up at 8:30 A.M. probably, it would be hard, but I could manage. I will be a zombie at 6:00 A.M. in the morning though. But at least I can sleep on the flight. We can’t change the morning flight either. We book on West Jet Vacations and you used to be able to choose your flights, but not anymore with budget cuts and that type thing. Anyways, we are going for 7 b/c I will probably sick the first day, due to that early flight. We wanted one extra day, and the Friday flight home is pretty much at noon, so you lose that day as well. Anyways, despite that first flight, I’m looking forward to it. We are going to see “O” and another show. We have to pick that other one out yet. Maybe a magic show. I tried to tell my mom we should go to “The Thunder Down Under” and it was very funny lol.
        How are you? How’s life and the job going? We are anxious for spring as well. It was getting nice, 2/3 of the large snowfall from this year was gone, then it snowed and it’s all back, this past weekend. I think it will be April before see the ground and have nicer weather. But it’s not super cold anymore so that’s great 🙂 Hope you have a great week!

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      2. Early morning fights are tough. Call the hotel a day ahead and nicely request an early check in. Most will accommodate you if they can. If you have a players card with them or have been there before mention it. If the “O” show is there try getting a discount since youre staying there. They even have some shows on Groupon/Living Social. We got a 2 for 1 deal when we stayed in Monte Carlo & seen the show there.
        Arizona has been awesome. I work in low key place, so compared to where I was there is no drama or stress. I’m spoiled with weather & 6 week winter. In another few weeks, I get to start a garden. hopefully weather cooperates. So everything is good. But I’m one of those partially Sunny people. I hope your week is great also. 😀

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      3. Thanks for the Vegas advice. We love TI, the pool, and it’s location on the strip. Since it’s been redone in the hotel rooms it’s great and the price is right. We do have players cards there, we live the cheap slots lol. And I’m definitely checking Groupon for discounts to “O” and other places. How did you and your wife like “O.” I know it’s cirque d’soleil based on Othello. When I was in high school there was a movie out, a scary one, based on Othello as well, and also called ‘O.’ We saw the Beatles ‘Love’ before, it was fantastic 🙂
        Glad you love your job and I know you love hiking and taking pics, so the weather then, is great for that, except when it’s 45 or above Celsius that’s a bit hard to take, but I’m sure you’re used to it now. Thanks 🙂

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      4. TI also moves you to higher floors without charging you more, if available. I can’t remember which “O” we saw but it was good. I’m thinking Zum-something. You have about best location since you are midway on strip. You shouldn’t see much hotter than that, but there’s always a casino with AC nearby. Im far enough in elevation I don’t get much over 35C here. And if it does, it’s 1 or 2 days.

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      5. That’s good to know that the heat isn’t unbearable. We’ve gone to a resort in Phoenix a time or two and both times even in JUNE, it’s been around 46 degrees C. The dry heat is much better to bear than heat in the province if Ontario near the Great Lakes, in Mexico, or BC mid-Sumer. The moisture in the air can be sickening even at 28 to 30 degrees b/c it makes it so much hotter. O is a specific circque d’soleil at the Belagio. I’ve never been, but have seen others at home and Vegas. Zumanity I think is the one you saw. I’ve heard great things about it. As long is there is a story along with the performers, their shows are pretty awesome. I love TI, and your right l, great central location. The Paris or Planet Hollywood is also pretty good for that. Take care Mark and enjoy the rest of your week 😊

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  2. any1mark, I thought you meant “pain.” That is the reason I was affected by it. So many times we walk through something, have new experiences, or new insight into our problems in life, and we may find that everything has not turned out to be roses, but our “pain” is more bearable. We have new insights into our pain. “Path” fits.

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