FFAW – Seed of an Idea

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Goroyboy. Thank you Goroyboy!

“It’s so warm to the touch.” his six year old eyes watches the viewing ball roll into the palm of his hand.

“Son, respect the power which the light contains.” his father half hidden in the shadows of the sunlight. “The Sun is the source of all life but we can steal its power. Carefully, we must be careful about it.”

“Someday, I will walk on the Sun. I’ll bring back a whole bunch more than this little ball!” The boy rises lifting the ball back towards its home.

“Icarus, my boy. No man can approach the Sun. The gods will never allow such a thing.” his father laughs at the youth.

112 Words

13 thoughts on “FFAW – Seed of an Idea

    1. That’s where trouble always starts. A crazy thought running into a reason why it can’t work. Mythology can be twisted into modern day so easily. The characters are timeless in most cases. Medusa is a close favorite to Icarus of mine

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    1. It is such an interesting image. You did well capturing the brilliant light within the hand showing detail on the hand! Thanks for the inspiration. Icarus is always good for a story here and there

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      1. Thanks so much.. I hadn’t shared this but, I way laying in bed one Weekend and the sun was perfectly shining through the gap in the curtain. What a wonderful planet we live on:)
        Take care.

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