Bench Seat – FFAW

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Fandango. Thank you Fandango!

“Jesse! When we said it was time to replace the wood bench, that’s not what we meant.” Rodney looks out the window of the Finast Souvineer Shop Ever.

“Why’d you leave the log there then?!” Jesse looks incredulously after spending a full hour with his chainsaw crafting the bench. “I just don’t see y’all solution here. It sits more than that old one. If they hit this one with a truck, hell it’ll just roll outta the way.”

“Rodney! Come quick! Someone wants to buy that bench out front. ” Julie pulls her husband away from the window. “You need to get another one right quick! There’s a bunch talking about it.”

“I’ll get right on making another one, boss.” Jesse shakes his head.

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