FFAW – Not Anymore

This week’s photo prompt is provided by shivamt25.

“I am not a coffee drinker anymore! Remember” Mia states as she places her sunglasses across the coffee mug.

“Ok… why did you want to meet here?” Myles looks puzzled

“Coffee is plantation stuff. Horrible labor conditions and chemicals.” Mia thumbs at her phone “Can’t believe anyone drinks the stuff”

“And we are here because…” Myles tries again.

“The Danish are to die for.” Mia talks at the phone.

“GMO’s in the wheat and corn. Hormones in the beef. You know that.” Myles contests ” There’s a reason we never go out to eat anymore.”

96 words

4 thoughts on “FFAW – Not Anymore

  1. I think eating out with her will be short lived! There is plenty of complain about when it comes to food, but one will find that no matter where they eat, unless they make the food themselves there will be nothing to eat. Great story! I know people like this.

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    1. I’m one of those anti GMO people. But there is so much crap in our food, you can’t avoid it unless you have a farm and raise everything. And then, add ethics… There would be a lot more skinny people. Thank you very much. 🙂

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