Photo Challenge #182 – These Dreams

Gretchen wakes with a shudder. The eerie morning light paints unusual colors on the walls. Like fluid spilling from an opening can, her world changes back to real.

The room fills with echoes of her slowing breath. Her eyes search for a query to explain what happened again. She rubs then with open hands as if to wipe the scene permanently from her vision.

Her right hand rummages the table top of her nightstand. Fast fingers find the smooth surface of her phone. Its harsh blue light4hw telling of a number dialed.

“Hello? Hello! It happened again!” Gretchen yells in bursts. “I can’t take these dreams. Are you revenue?”

“Yeah . . .. I’m here. … It’s like 540AM.” Joel works feverishly to put who and what together.

“It happened again! I’m… I’m leaving my room through the window.” Gretchen draws lines in the air with her hand “I heard voices. Then footsteps…. My heart is exploding in beats. I can’t breath. My throat is choked up. Are you listening to me?!”

“Yeah.. Yeah. The footsteps draw closer and you go out.” Joel thinks of why his crazy sister calls him alone.

“But this time on a unicorn… Wait, I mean unicycle. There’s a cord running down to the beach. The ocean is turning muddy. And blackbirds… They call out to these people in the house where I am.” She loses her breath taking in a rush.

“Gretchen. Calm down. You decided to go to Clown school.” Joel looks back at the clock “You and that Therapist of yours decided it was the only way to get over your clown phobia. I’m going back to bed. Put your clown attire in the closet where you can’t see it!”

15 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #182 – These Dreams

    1. Human instinct is to read faces of people. Clowns are seen as scary because you can’t be sure of their expressions. That and anyone playing with balloons and other peoples children while wresting to large of shoes have something wrong with them


      1. I will take your word for it having never really experienced a clown within my memory. I did go to a circus as a very young child — I only remember the “ring” and elephants. And everyone had my “death sentence” bag of peanuts.

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      2. Been thinking about it. We all hide behind masks of one kind or another. Clowns are just more blatant about it.
        I need to remember the name of a band that uses clowns — and their followers often dress as one. Damn, just read about it too.

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      3. Insane Clown Posse? My daughter listened to them and wore tshirts with twisted clowns on them. Strangely, then seem preoccupied with recreational use of things


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