After the fire

After the fire only ash remains 

Curled grey fingerprints that hint 

Solid things of matter gone 

Fragile soul made of burnt dust 

Dissolving by touch or breeze 

Heat long escaped beyond  

Embers that glowed red lond dead 

Shatter debris in blacks and browns 

Long past reach of the inferno 

In the cool air smoke scents lightly

Smell alone gives afterlife

The fuel spent 

The glory snuffed out 

After the fire, only ash remains


15 thoughts on “After the fire

      1. Yes I bet. I saw pics from the Ft.McMurray footage in Alberta last year, it was terrifying the photos and videos people I was acquainted with or was friends with were experiencing while much of the city burned.

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      2. It happens so quickly and it spreads at amazing speeds. I had a co-worker lose his house to lightning over the weekend. I knew I was moving away from civilization but Nature plays rough in the mountains

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