Trojan Horses 

John Proud sits on the porch.  His eyes lock on the SUV and the family spilling out.  

“Dad, the devil. It would be so cool.” little Frankie waves frantically.

“That’s stupid!  An alien. Yeah, we would be the coolest house ever.” Ronnie pulls back her hair and checks to see is anyone else is there. 

“Here’s the black bear you wanted, honey” Dad points the waist high critter.

“We can’t afford $350 for a wooden bear!” Mom rolls her eyes at the audacity of someone charging that price.

“There is a spirit within them.  You place one of these at your home. Never worry.  Defend from everything.” John revels himself from the shadows. His smile and cowboy hat seem hard to hide.

“Go on.” Dad smiles like he is watching an act.

“The bear will scratch and claw an object of anyone who does wrong on your land.” John scratches at the air.

“The alien will remove them.” John looks to the sky

“What about the devil?” Dad asks.

“Thats the divorce special” John looks at Mom. “Hell hath no fury”

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Wrier. Details available at

23 thoughts on “Trojan Horses 

  1. First, thanks for a great pic to work with, Mark. I had a lot of fun writing. And a great take on the prompt. As a salesman myself, I can only tip my hat to him. Cheers, Varad

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