Secluded Beach

Photo Credit :​Footy and Foodie

‘This doesn’t seem secluded.” Bridget’s eyes see a lot full of cars. 

“Maybe the beach is bigger than we think.” Bill can’t believe the hour drive ends here.”Let’s go look at the ocean and those stars. Brighter than any where on the coast!”

“Yeah, that’s what a website said. Isolated too. Let’s get it over with.” Brigdet uses her total waste of time voice.

The edge of the parking lot leads to a trail that snakes down a sheer cliff. The Sun plunges into red waves below.  Soft lights illuminates the way.  The surf calls out and draws like a magnet. A soft breeze sings in a low voice.

About halfway down Bill reaches to touch Bridget’s right arm. “Down there.  See the candles. There’s got to be fifty people in that circle.” 

“Bill, we are out of here! I don’t want to know and don’t want them seeing us either.” Bridget stops in her tracks.

“Too late.” Bill points out the circle changing shape.

Written as part of a challenge calledflash fiction for aspiring writers, details available at

23 thoughts on “Secluded Beach

    1. I was painting with a wide brush here. My mind was on a secret group, but used what mossy would see as witches. Still the thought of being discovered can ne frightening


    1. I was going for that out of place feeling with an unknown group realizing you’re not with them. The cooling part maybe a group at such an out of the way place. 😉 Thank you my dear.

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    1. He probably was hoping that to. I like the image of the circle changing. It has this “oh f” moment to it. I had the idea of the end before the story, so I was working backwards.


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