Postcard – FFAW

I stand at the roadside. 

The sea slides so softly against the sand.  Bisbee Bay, a mecca of gentle summer days that last forever.  Whose touch on the memory vanish like morning dew. 

I state into a postcard.

Gone are the floats of plastic trash.  No Styrofoam cups or grocery bags. The place is smaller now.  My eyes aren’t the same.  The smell is different.  The people aren’t families.  Their faces carry weight of misery.
I get back in my car. Going back is not always a good idea.

Written as part ofa challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writersttps://

9 thoughts on “Postcard – FFAW

    1. I have had the good future to travel. And you do notice things that weren’t there the last time. Some are changes & others are what we selectively see. Many thanks 😀


  1. It is a shame that we are often disappointed when we revisit a place we knew in the past because it has changed from the way we remember it. Nothing stays the same forever. Great story. 🙂

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    1. So many places change from memories. I think there are both there are things that don’t keep up with the world getting old and not as nice, then there’s the first time things are seen with fresh eyes. Maybe we romance the scene with who we are there with at the time

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