Guess Who Back in Town Today? – Music Challenge #3

I look into dark chocolate eyes.  The ones that are like soft blankets.  They hold my every move. 

“Don’t believe me if I tell you. Not a word of this is true.  Don’t believe me if I tell you, that in love with you.”  My voice sings a song but sure doesn’t know it.   Her smile doesn’t care. 

“Hey, guess who got back today?” 

The voice rattles me.  I recognize barely.   My vision of Molly fade to black.   I’m in a lunch place.  Dylan repeats this again. 

“She swore that she love me.  She swore she would never leave me. But tge devil take that woman for you know she tricked me easy” I reply like I didn’t phase out for a minute. I reach for my double onthe rocks.  Thanking someone for whiskey in the jar.

She comes and goes.  And you know it all too well.  But when all is said and done.  The Sun goes down.” He raises his beer to me. 
Italized words are lyrics from Thin Lizzy songs In Order of Appearance “Dont Believe a Word”, “The Boys are Back in Town”, “Whiskey in the Jar”, “The Sun goes down”. I choose the group with the most modern rewrite as the inspiration

8 thoughts on “Guess Who Back in Town Today? – Music Challenge #3

  1. I love this Mark you used the lyrics from the Thin Lizzy version and the other Thin Lizzy songs wells. I haven’t actually listened to a lot of their stuff but I know I’ve heard some it before! Great storytelling!

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    1. There will always be group’s you associate with Thin Lizzy is one of my favorites. The lead singer died obviously a car wreck in 1982. So they were not making new stuff when I listened to them. It was harder to find lyrics than to write the dialogue myself. I was happy to see the prompt. I have been slacking off a bit. 😀

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    1. Back when the world was vynal, I had the whole Thin Lizzy collection. If Phil Linnet was a better driver, maybe I would have got to see them in concert. It seems like a good idea out side of the box


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