Random Phone Picture & Story

“Watch this! Abracadabra!” Tom waves his hands like a wounded bird in flight. “See the light comes on! It works every time, too.”

“Wow, that’s incredible.   How does it hear you speak?” Louie scratches his balding middle aged scalp. Pondering the genie lamp. “What if you spoke a different language? Would it still work?”

“Of course,  it would! Abracadabra is the same in a lot of languages.  But what would really be cool would be if it won a ribbon like the other junk here.” Tom looks around at the antique display at the fair.

A faint voice decries being placed in a lamp as punishment

4 thoughts on “Random Phone Picture & Story

    1. The lamp is really detailed in person. It was shown at two county fairs the lady couple of years. Its from the 30’s. It could be inhabited from the feel around it


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