Arizona Cactus Blooms

This is from the road sides along Saguaro Lake.  The lake has several access points.  It rests within the mountains.   Several elevation changes and arroyos  (dry river beds) give several different views and plants.   The stately Saguaros are everywhere.  The blooms are limited by rainfall.   This is the second month of blooms here. 

20 thoughts on “Arizona Cactus Blooms

    1. They are incredibly vibrant. The magenta jumps out from great distances. The crazy part is when you travel one direction only some stick out. They are blended in under other plants.


      1. I can see why. Those barbed seeds aren’t fun and at least my opposable thumbs helped remove them. Thanksn now I know what I’m cursing at next time. 🙂


      2. My first brush with it. I was probably more worried about not getting a clear picture or falling off the edge of cliff over the road next to me


      3. Oh yes, be careful and not fall off the cliff! As far as those horrible fox grasses if they get into the dogs/cats orifices then you have to take them to the vet to get them out. If they get in their mouths then they work theirselves into their stomachs. They are wicked!

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      4. It looks like the Palo verde, but it’s Acacia tree. With thorns about half inch to inch long. The leaves are curled ad they come out like a cat’s claw


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