Exploring My World – Saguaro Lake

Saguaro Lake is located 20 miles Northeast of Mesa, AZ.  It’s has a marina and several boat ramps.   And three roads into the area.   There are marked trails for hiking, atv’s and horses. This is part of Tonto Forest area and daily passes are sold off site year round in places like Ft McDowell, Mesa, and Jake’s Corners

And being there at the beginning of March, there are wildflowers. The area is loaded with cacti and cholla.

California Poppies
Wild Lupine

19 thoughts on “Exploring My World – Saguaro Lake

  1. Lupines are among my favourite flowers — very Maritime but there much fuller flower spikes. Oh course, Monty Phyton’s Mr. Moore liked lupines, (not more bloody lupines) too.

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      1. Wasn’t the tv sketch: Mr. Moor, Mr. Moor riding thru the glen, Mr. Moor with his band of merry men. Steals from the rich, gives to the poor Mr. Moor, Mr. Moor. But all he ever gave the poor where bunches of lupines. I have his theme song stuck in my brain since the 1970s.

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      2. I could be remembering it wrong. John Cleese, I believe, was Mr. Moor and I don’t think it was a running sketch like some of the others.
        Blond moments are my life and I still haven’t bought the peroxide.

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      3. A flick of the hair ala Farrah Fawcett should do as a secret handshake, and not too hard to remember. Don’t all blonds behave that way — even if their hair is to short to flick?
        Recovering from the stomach bug. Tired, but not only dwelling in one room.

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      4. The hair flick, just our way of knowing if our heads are still attached. We get distracted easily and might forget to bring it along sometimes


      5. Especially today while I’m trying to go get some groceries locally before storm and then below freezing temps for next few days. Got to remember list, money, cart, coat, and yes — ball cap — that should remind me about my head. Tired again. Still shaking off bug. Time for short rest (about the 3rd today or is it 4?)

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of Arizone. I have always wanted to go there. Weve got a rough draft out for a new short story called Eaten an Eskimo and we would love your feedback. Its currently getting edited, but we need all the thoughts we can handle. Hope teaching is good

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