Remember This?


12 thoughts on “Remember This?

      1. Now I see the light, and the picture. Yes, it’s definitely a Fred mobile. Can’t quite get the whole Flintstone’s theme song in to my head. “It’s the Flintstones, a something modern family. It’s the Flinestones — hell I’ll have to go look it up. Used to know that one by heart.

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      2. Flintstones, it’s the Flintstones. They are a modern Stone Age family. Flintstones meet the Flintstones. They’re a place right out of history. I think


      3. Yep — there’s stuff about his boss, his wife, and cat — that won’t stay out for the night. And so on. It will be a you tube trip tomorrow.
        Thanks the info on how you write, your inspiration, etc.
        I should go to bed. Had stomach flu all day.

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      1. The Flintstones was during the busiest time for my motherhood and career, so I didn’t watch although my sons did. They are the ones who would remember. I was likely in the kitchen or grading papers!


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