Silvers and Shards

Silvers and Shards

Pretty little rainbows 

Treacherous path to follow

Beauty of wanton destruction 

Shatter mirror of the past

Believer of future dreams 

They dance in fire sparkles

They quell shadows fear

Things we know prey upon

Things we hide deep inside

Terror self imposed shines 

Thoughts grow eight legs

It pops like crackling fire

Hissing like a hurricane lamp

We curse only outer darkness

A thousand mirrors at my feet

I’m all of those staring back

Silvers and Shards

17 thoughts on “Silvers and Shards

    1. Thank you darling. I had a few lines floating in the head. It was broken glass but silvers sound more harsh and shards well just sound rough. I wish I could get a picture with a mirror shattered outside and a thousand tiny reflections

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