Singularity – Commentary Po.em

Moving toward the event horizon

Singularity engulfs everything

Time is an illusion

in a silver of moment ecstasy 

Sleight of hands, smoke and mirrors

Vision tricks sense of touch

Hearing our emotions

fearing our senses

Blessed by torment 

ephemera passing as nostalgia 

Talisman of misfortune

Desperately trying to match breaths 

lost in the cacophony of heartbeat

Another  commentary po.em collaborated with the lovely Lorraine, Her words are italics.   These lines were compiled in comment sections along the way.  

82 thoughts on “Singularity – Commentary Po.em

  1. wow – another amazing complimentary work 🙂

    really – I know it must sound a bit “lame” because I can never find the words – but honestly, this whole thing? – you two wear it so well and beautifully – so I’m just going to sit with the images 🙂

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      1. I have a post for the beginning of the string.. other stuff good to still be worked with. No need to stop it. I’m in middle of traveling and have an image to find. You ok with posting later I used the first eight lines …I think.


      2. This is like an upscale place at reasonable price. Pork belly and beef rib tacos, with spinach, chipotle sauces, crumbled cheeses. Cactus fries, deep fried cactus with prickly pear sauce. They have beans but not the rice.


      3. Didn’t know about cactus fries or prickly pear sauce. Worth a try some day. Yeah right, like I’d ever end up eating where that was on the menu. Don’t think I’d miss the rice.

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      4. I have egg and soy issues. I understand the concept of carrying benadryl just in case. I prefer to have issues and explore. Twice a year I pay dearly for a day or so


      5. I carry Benedryl and should carry an up to date epipen — potentially deadly allergy to peanuts, then on down the legume scale with less reaction by the time get to green beans. Legumes and spices are my worst. Now even cinnamon — so no more cinnamon buns unless I want to pay.

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      6. Oh my. I get weird with soy and some legumes. But green beans and most dry beans are ok. Actually rice powder, which seems be laced in soy is terrible


      7. What was the reverse/revenge fairy tale we were discussing? I’m going to run a bad/naughty fairy tale tale weavers prompt in May, and I was trying to think of our idea (like your bad Red Riding Hood) of family revenge.
        Not to break the string, but thought I’d ask here rather than email.

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      8. Vaguely remember something about Hansel and Gretal, or was it the Snow white type. I played with a witch, luring to Hansel for his first aid and asking for payment after ward


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