Dreams flee

like sand castles at high tide

their elegance lay slanting 

Waters edge 

Soft scissors nipping at heels 

Blindly arranging my pieces

Thoughts fade

Ghosts of then stare at now

Memories hide the hazy damage

Tides recede

The blank page begs for a chance

Stories are only told to the wind

26 thoughts on “Waves

  1. Beautiful poem, I can feel the speaker trying to capture these elusive memories/dreams on paper before they fade. I have to say I adore the Oregon coast and it’s beautiful oceans and light sand beaches. It has been years since I was there but my Dad when I was eight or nine-years-old was doing Masters courses in Eugene Oregon and we spent a day or two out on these beaches with crab shells, seashells, sticks, everything washed up on the sandy beach from the ocean. It’s a vivid memory for me because it’s such a unique landscape.

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    1. I had a few lines and couldn’t get what I wanted from them. One of those periods of semi writers block and too many things to do. I was happy to get these to work. I will definitely make it back up there to Oregon

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      1. Crater Lake is unbelievable. We arrived when the snow was still feet deep, and a narrow road had been plowed. We had to climb over a huge snow bank to see the lake — we were the only humans there. I found it hard to believe that in a few months, the lodge (reminiscence of the Shining) would be free of it’s snowy wrap.

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      2. The park had JUST been reopened, the roads plowed when we arrived. Walking along with snow banks twice as tall as me, the silence, would love to have been there at night to see the stars.

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      3. When I have back packed in Texas the stars were almost so intense you couldn’t make out some constellations. I’m sure away from everything it would be like that there too


      4. We camped in Wyoming, and one night was an amazing thunderstorm all around us; another was the sky, as you say, densely packed with stars. I’ve camped a few places without light pollution — but I’m sure those are getting less and less.

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      5. They are further and further away. I like being in the nowhere places. Sedona actually has light pollution measures that work really well. Better than most areas with people


    1. That’s the Oregon Coast. It’s a place of great imagination, really doesn’t seem real. I had a,few lines that keep poking at me so I put them together. I love the thought of ‘stories only being told to the wind’. I feel for you, in my shorts I had to move 1900 miles to leave the snow

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      1. That’s why I left the Lake Effect for Mountains north of the desert. I still can get foot and half of snow but that’s the whole winter and 20 is the lowest it’ll go at night

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