What If Your Site Has Someone Else Using It?

Stolen from AZ quotes as stated on the quote itself

I’m watching TV, an ad flashes “Color Outside the Lines” and go some place…  I was caught off guard.  I mean, hello I’m using that people.  So like ever self respecting person who runs a blog….there’s got to be a few of us.  I did a google search!

The horror!   Really others have thought of this idea.  Hell worldpress.com has a quilter using the same title as mine.  Really!  Quilting!  Grandma quilted.  She had a sewing machine, saw horses, lots and lots of thread and that puffy stuff that gets trapped between the quilted pieces.  Don’t get me wrong, I like quilts.  But really, how the hell do I deal with someone coming here looking for quilting advice….. Ok, her blog is a little different looking…. But let’s get to the problem.  We are here to be unique in the way we steal others ideas and make them… better. Yeah, we make them better. But still out there is another person that thinks they are just as unique.  

Despondent, I made it to page two.. I mean how many pages later could I show up?  Apparently, good old Albert (seen above even gets list before me, and it’s not the same phrase! Thanks Google😒).  After four pages, I decided give Google the extra traffic wasn’t worth the effort.  So after two more pages, I realized I never found the ad.  

Which brings me back to the important part.  We don’t quilt here.  (I did embroidery once).  I’m willing to stay after from the puffy stuff, but how do you approach someone using your   and say stay the hell away from fiction and poetry!  Read my early stuff, there are bodies buried everywhere.  Hell some bodies never got buried at all.  Not that I would advocate violence… Hmmm, not without a good twist or two.  

So stop reading and search your title out people!  There could be a beer can collector blog using your ideas!  A fourteenth century wood collector using your witches to make his blog interesting. (They threw witches in the water, guilt ones floated, innocent were accepted by the pure water). Really imagine your site hawking doll clothing!  Miniature horses could be ruining your stream people.  I thought I was safe once….

Ok, I need to search on the iPad now.  Dear God, please don’t let a doll house enthusiast have a site titled “Coloring Outline the Lines”

15 thoughts on “What If Your Site Has Someone Else Using It?

  1. My pseudonym, phylor, wasn’t even unique I discovered a while ago. And the other phylors were scary people.
    If there are more frilly Freudian slips, I will really be worried. In 25 words is no doubt used. I’ve had wordpress reject a name because it was taken, and suggest add-ons.
    Don’t worry, I only wrote one blog about quilts (well, maybe two) but none link back to here.

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  2. I “bought” the rights to my blog title (for a year anyway)…and I don’t think anyone else is quite twisted enough to think of it anyway. I’m sorry you got trapped in some puffy stuff in between blog venues. 😦

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    1. There are twisted people everywhere. Which, of course, isn’t all bad. I wonder if i could buy the name out right. I’ll have to see. It’s better than between a rock and a hard place 🙂


  3. Hahahahahaha! I am disappointed. All this time I thought your blog was so unique and unusual and the only, “Coloring Outside of the Lines” blog. Oh well, you are the one that makes it unique and this quilter cannot destroy that! My blog, “Beautiful Words” is probably unique and there are no other blog titles like it. (NOT!) Hahaha!

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    1. Well, two out of three ain’t bad. It’s funny to think that there is an infinite combos of words out there. I’ll have to wrote about quilting once abs see if it gets back to the other site. it’s creepy to out right says guess what we have the same title to a total stranger


    1. There are hundreds of Joys out there. Hell, I live with one! So much for escaping the daily life thing. I still found it bizarre I share with a quilter. It’s like finding out your favorite action star has Martha Steward for a mother.

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    1. I was stunned I figured there was some control that WordPress would limit names. There could be 185, 213 Joe’s Blogs! Maybe, no one else thought of having fun here?


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