What’s in the Bag

“I want to sit under the dragon lamp!” Josie coos and grabs David’s right arm. She quickly releases and shoots ahead.

“Be right there!” David watches her go.  Eyes fixed on her as she glides.

Josie slides across the red leather booth.  Rocking to a stop. “I’m thinking Wor Su Gia! Oh, some of those shrimp chips… and..”

“You know I’m getting Pepper Steak..” David’s voice falters.  A note falls from the menu. 

Brown bag in trash of Restroom.  Get rid of it IMMEDIATELY 

“How come I don’t get a secret message?” Her voice seems really loud.
“Honey, it’s a joke.  Can’t be real.” David is really nervous. What kind of person leaves this kind of note. 

He swallows hard.  Murders, killers, bank robbers.. Yes, bank robbers leave notes.  His heart races.  Thousands of dollars in  a bag, just wanting…

David gets up quickly.  “I’ll be right back”

Elisa sits at the cash register.  He watches him run.   “Mom, I got another one!”


18 thoughts on “What’s in the Bag

      1. I am laptop bound. Just lucky to have a phone that does text and has a camera. I drool for a fancy Android but $$ isn’t around for such things. Figured you used your phone as you did so much while still having a life.

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