Wordless Wednesday 


12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 

  1. I take four to six different angles of the same thing. If you want good pictures you take more than you should and play with the object you want to capture. Never center anything unless you are doing a close up or passport picture. That’s all you need to know for great pictures. 😀


    1. This was at the to of one of the mountains around Payson. I was hoping to catch the sparkle on the pine needles but the Sun wasn’t cooperating. It turned out much better than I thought it would. ☺


      1. I bought my first digital camera for just under $500 and it took great pictures. But they are no where near what this Galaxy S7 can do. My Nikon SLR still takes a better picture but it’s a lot harder to carry and more likely to get bumped/dropped

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