First Cut

Frank fires up his new 18″ Duramax Timberwolf chain saw.  

His friends all clap as his revs it.  Blue smoke puffs from the tiny engine.  It rumbles like a hoarse bumblebee, followed by a,whine of mad mosquitoes. 

The Norwegian Spruce caresses the apartment.  The wind blows every tree but this one.   A victim of poor planning.   The 20 year run creeps to an end.

Mike ties a rope to the trunk of the tree. 

Frank jumps at the tree.   Sawdust clouds kick up.  An erie crack fills the air. 

“Oh shit…” Frank loses his voice

A flash of green later, new loses his Camaro.   Green blob sprays glass bits.  A cherry red carpet becomes a landing pad. 
Bobby and Mickey get ready to move the Bobcat closer.

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, details are available at,

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