Blood on the Tracks- Power Short

Written as part of a challenge called Saturday Mix, details are available at

There was a time I felt powerless.  Life bound me like Jacob Marley’s chain.  My own hand forged my paralysis. My hand searches my brain for the key.  There is no Christmas goose to buy for the local cripple.

I look at my surrounds.  Alien.  As if dropped off here, I would ask for help.   Really.  This time, I need the help.  We all have puzzle pieces to find a place for. I know few things.   I look down the tracks.  One thing is clear.   It’s 2:05PM.

I’m blinded with a flash.  My head hurts briefly.

The 515 reaches Oakland platform a tad late.  The blood on the tracks, my only sign of me now.

13 thoughts on “Blood on the Tracks- Power Short

  1. For me,when I read this, I thought the guy was a bit confused and out of it. Not paying attention to the train, as loud as it is, before it hit him. At least it’s a quick death, and didn’t sound as if life and people we’re kind to him. Great write, I like how there are many ways to interpret this.


    1. It’s part of my master writing plan, or being blonde…. Ok, blondes and planning don’t mix well. Thank you darling. I’m moving into a story phase I think. My poetry needs more company in characters

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  2. Unsettling, painful & very powerful!
    Some great expressions, like “My hand searches my brain for the key” – Wow! “puzzle pieces to find a place for..”, the image of “Jacob Marley’s chain.”
    A Great read! Love this! Thank you! 🙂

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