​Rivers don’t yearn to be free

They forge ahead

Sledgehammer like force

Velvet caress with siren voice

Obstacles become waterfalls 

Magnetic in its draw to life

It waits for nothing 

They take the land

Divide add they see fit

Timeless in their form

Mindless and yet mindful

Valley maker,  dream maker 

Rivers don’t yearn 

They need not


20 thoughts on “Rivers

      1. By the by, did you get a chance to review the post I submitted to the 21 project? I hope it’s the sort of thing you had in mind.
        You’ll have to review all I submit, so I’ll try and give you a head’s up when I do.
        I’m used to whatever way mlmm has it and I can post directly without review.
        I don’t mind the review, if you don’t mind reviewing the submission and I guess, then you hit publish?
        Sorry the sun is mocking you — could be the moon tonight.

        Liked by 1 person

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