Sometimes Before 

Sometimes before 

Their voices buried in wind chimes 

Echoed in the dark 

Gently touching unattended ears 

Caressing imaginations 

Suffocating in exuberance 

Starving in mediocrity 

Beneath blinded horizons 

On winter solstice nights 

Dreams of awakening 

Body next to body 

Making tapestries of desire 

Tracing contours, tracing touch 

Embroidered with fulfillment 

This was a random collaboration from the comment section between the lovely Lorraine, and myself.  Her words are italicized.  But better yet more of her  words are found at

We have experimented with accidental or complimentary poetry before.

9 thoughts on “Sometimes Before 

    1. It’s prefect in that it flows. Rivers and streams have ripples. texture gives life. One of my favorite followers couldn’t understand we did this without structure. 😀.


      1. It started by accident. We have only had the two that made a decent length. I love we have the ability to do this together. It’s a tough game to promptly or reply that can lead to something that wirks

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