Roosevelt Lake-  Exploring My World 

An oasis in the High Desert. This impounded lake is surrounded by mountains and the stately Saguaro cacti.  Located about an hour and a half out of Pheonix this is an unbelievable drive and set of short hikes.

Of course,  those with a boat it’s prefect.   I have only an inflatable kayak…  The wife is funny about going out on a lake 350 feet deep in an inflatable craft.  There are 3 boat ramps and they are about 120 get wide and quarter mile long.   You can drive down them in a car,  just stay out if the way. 

There are several roads (some paved) that lead to the water.   I mean to the waters edge.   Which means be careful because you are alone here for the most part.   But several places give you the chance to be alone.   The Saguaro cacti are plentiful.  The views great on grey days.  
I can tell you there are cliff dwellings in a National Monument but they close at 4pm.  I missed out today.  

The Saguaro cacti take 75 years to start is first “arm”.  The one above is probably in the 200-250 year range.   It’s maybe 25-30 feet tall. 

14 thoughts on “Roosevelt Lake-  Exploring My World 

    1. Really nice area. A lake in the middle of mountains would only be better on a sunny day. I’ll be back for more cacti pictures. They really all have their own personality.


    1. My new world has plenty to explore. I have failed to find new places lately. The wife has a habit of taking away my edginess in finding places that are at the edge of my abilities. I need to get further out in the wilds. But hey, it’s a new place. I hugged a cactus today


      1. I domesticated but have tendencies that precede this experience. I think I heard I could do anything I put my mind to, and believed it. The wife either has to go along or risk my finding out where my limits are. 😀


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