The afternoon Sun brings hot winds through the canyon.  Ravens call and click.   They tell me that I have overstayed my welcome.  They fail to realize my options are limited. 

Red rocks soothe a tattered soul.   They care not who I was.  They hold up against the rain, wind and snow.   Standing tall against skies that only exist in dreams.  Men have come here to hide for centuries.   We tell ourselves we are exploring.   We only evade what we keep in our lives.   

 I sit here at a crossroads.  The lack of pavement suits me best.  I left behind a twisted tale.  My breadcrumb path through an avairary.  There are two separate pasts that could come for me now.  I hope it’s not my own that get to me first.

My destination was Denial.  A cruise along its riverbanks.   A solo kayak amongst is currents.  Just to sail on the golden sunset that burns the water. 

Yesterday and Tomorrow collude to make this moment.   The sky and the Earth hide me out temporarily . 

 If I could only escape myself….


14 thoughts on “Refugee 

    1. I wanted breadcrumbs but too easy to follow back to the thing we call “real world”. The birds hero with that. 😉 I prefer the lost world. it’s usually where you find who you are


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