Silent Witness 

“So, Mr John Steward..” Detective Jacobs crawls at him with his black eyes. His body pinning in a hall, a single breath from the lobby. “We have a conversation about your late night escape last night.”

John looks at the strange short man in a cheap suit.  His ears ignore the words but his heart doesn’t.  His brain thinks of Alicia back in the room. 

“I’m not sure what you mean.  Sir,do I know you?”  John’s voice reminiscent of a child asking the second parent for permission. 

“We have a hotel robbed at Midnight.   We have one room, they didn’t check out. They left one of those voice recognizing search speakers.  Funny the last search was…… ” Jacobs pulls out his paper note pad “Hotel staffing. Now, you know whose room it was in?  When I call a judge at 3AM for a search warrant, they don’t ask questions.  But they Internet company…..Well, we can only look at your searches for now. In a week, we’ll have the last ten minutes of conversation.   Funny, those little devices listen all the time. they pick up the damnedest things.”

John looks at him in disbelief.   “I’m not sure what you mean.   We didn’t like the room and came here.   You know how wives get.”

“Alicia…your wife.   She claims you found bed bugs and leave in a hurry.   She thinks it was your newest toy that the housecleaning staff found.  Is she wrong?”  Jacobs smiles and produces a pair of silver handcuffs.  “Leave the robberies to the professionals.”


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