Please Tell What Wrong Here?!

I’m trying to have a BLT sandwich.  My bacon and lettuce are fine but….  There’s this green thing inside the tomato.  This is a seed sprouting inside.  It’s one of four that I find.  

Now if I wanted to grow them.  I would have to dry them and chill them for a month.  But these came from the store.  Anyone with an idea?!  This isn’t supposed to happen.

7 thoughts on “Please Tell What Wrong Here?!

    1. It looks that way. But I don’t trust my food to begin with. The reassurance of someone saying is a baby tomato if the tomato was chilled, lanes out the time required for that to happen.


  1. That’s a baby Tomato plant. Simply put, you have an overripe tomato in which the seeds inside are no longer dormant. Safe to eat, but won’t taste good.

    You may also find sprouting in organically grown tomatoes and tomatoes sold at farmer’s market because they are harvested at a later time when the fruit has already ripened. Refrigeration can also cause this to happen especially if the fruit is stored for a long period of time.

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