Happy New Years Day

“Okay, one more time.  You find a tablet poolside.  You spill your drink on the person.  Put your clutch down on the tablet.  Appologize, grab anything and act freaked out.  When they push you off, take it and run.”  John looks at Alicia.

Alicia nods.  “How many people will be in lobby?”

The Google box speaks “Staffing levels are high due to holiday.  Best before Midnight.”

“We use tablet at five minutes before midnight.  The New Years Fireworks will have them all looking outside.  I disarm the cameras and the time lock on the safe.  You hit the front desk and use the pool story.  I need you to get the guy away from counter.  The safe will be sitting pretty for us!  Couple thousand, maybe ten thousand.  We go to car separately.  We stay at the best place tomorrow.”

“It seems so easy.  How can you do that from the tablet?  They’ll trace it back…. to the guy at the pool.  But what if they changed the managers code?” Alicia is visibly nervous.

” Relax babe.  I program the systems.  They never change codes.  They need multiple people to access the safe.  No one is driving in on off day to open a safe for change.” John smiles.

The scene is crowded.  Hundreds of people surround the pool.  The fireworks show has them anxious.  

Alicia sees a tablet on the poolside bar.  She spills a full drink on the poor guy using it.  In shock, he drops it.

“Watch what you are doing!  Your stupid bitch.”  He pushes her away.  His eyes stare as she falls toward the bar.

“Asshole,  I tripped.” Alicia’s hands find the tablet.  Her clutch covers it.

She runs into the crowd bumping several people hard.

John sits in the lobby.  The solo guy runs an empty counter.  He keeps watching the clock.  He knows he can watch out the windows if no one is here.

“Help!  This guy attacked me at the bar!”  Alicia breaks the quiet.  She runs on heels poorly.  Her hand finds a chair next to John dropping the tablet next to him.  Her eyes find the guy at the counter ” Can you do something?”

John grabs the tablet.  The internet feeds him the secure network for the hotel.  The codes are prefect.  But the lights go out and flood lights from alarms trigger.

He watches the counter guy freak out about the power.  “I fix the power first, then we talk to who attacked you.”

As he disappears John approaches the counter. “Anyone here?!  I’m looking for help”

He smiles and walks in the office. The safe is left open.  A couple hundred dollars sit waiting for him.

The fireworks call out the midnight hour is at hand.

Two shadowy figures meet back at a car.  

They drive off into the night.


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