Breaking Time

Failures need not be terminal 

Points are scored in games only

Viewpoints are not trenches

Intent is a deadly weapon

Minds that are hardened

Should never mix with others

Life is measured in events

Moments are special when shared

Self inflicted wounds spread

Like a cancer they rob life away

Anger is a toxin of pestilence 

Left unchecked it kills all

Time to break away is now

Free your soul for dead weight


3 thoughts on “Breaking Time

  1. I like this piece, you day a lot of important things and raise some good points. A hard headed or hard hearted person is difficult to deal with, when they cannot see different viewpoints and opinions. And time together is important and staying angry isn’t worth it. But actually life is just life sometimes and we don’t act how we should or even want. We’re flawed, but like you say, it’s okay.

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