(Un)Realty…TV – Tale Weaver

“Ok, we follow these people as the panhandle.  Not poor people, no no, no!  We get those x-celebs, maybe so older jocks.  This is where it gets good…. You’ll love it.  They sit on opposite sides of the freeway ramps, or wash windows with dirty rags, all the whole we raise money for chartity!  The winner gets to talk strategy and what projects they are doing.  The loser, we get cuts of people throwing things at them..  Maybe some trash talk between them too!”  Mickey sketches on a note pad while he rambles.

He pauses to check a reaction.  Nothing.

“Who doesn’t get a little weird about those beggars?!  Now, we let them have good side.  I mean what if I handed a five to someone famous and was on TV for everyone to see.  It’ll work!  They show people buying homes, emptying trash filled houses, making fish tanks out of cars, dancing… for god sake… Dancing?! Remember the celeb boxing?”  Mickey keeps trying to sell the idea.

Minnie will have nothing to do with it.

Written as part of a challenge called Tale Weaver, https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/12/08/tale-weaver-97-unreality-tv-08-12-16/

42 thoughts on “(Un)Realty…TV – Tale Weaver

  1. Mark, could you fix the link in the Mr. Linky? The ping back is fine, but in mr.linky, the url you put sends the clicker to my site selector, or Michael G’s site selector. Usually I can make corrections in Mr. Linky — like delete a link but Mr. Linky doesn’t like me, so I can’t delete the bad link and insert the correct one so folks can read your post. Sorry to be serious and such.

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      1. There is an old saying about you only like sausage because you dont know how it’s made. It’s a little like that. No natural spirits were invoked so it’s not technically witchcraft.


      2. I’m not sure how much better they would have liked anyone in NATO
        There is that little thing of trying to install a forced government by the US in Vietnam. And the whole afterthought of a war in Korea needing to be planned out


      3. There will never be anything you’ll learn pretty about it. It was the first line in the sand. And we thought if we showed up, week things would just be a cake walk. The western world came into the world wars late and never seen the full horrors. In Korea we met enemies fresh and more ready for a full blown war than ourselves.


      4. My father graduated from military college (in WWII, but only as far as Newfoundland then still a British colony). Interrupted education to join near end, so took offer to train as civil engineer. Good news — 1st graduating class post-WW2; bad news — 6 wks after graduation, whole class off to Korea. Pontoon bridges and land mines — killing without seeing. But knowing who also might stumble there. Career forces any way. NOT your typical army officer at home. No sirs and marching!

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