The Postcard

I always mean to send them out

Better late than never

Time slips so quickly

Another set back, none are right

The scenes aren’t here

Funny doesn’t work

Print my own in a flash I think

My best for a friend 

Conversations missed.

My words shivel without response

My half empty card

Days to get to you

Text reply “last day here, I got it”

New place for me too.

I feel so close now

Tomorrow I look for another view

I’ll wait to send it again 

But still I can reach you.

8 thoughts on “The Postcard

  1. Beautiful photograph for a postcard. Yes it is hard keep in touch with old friends some times. Sending postcards are nice and I think they are always appreciated, they just take long to get there if you’re both moving around. Great poem.

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    1. Thank you Darling. I was motivated fur this one but it didn’t quite seem like I hit the spot with it. I was thrilled when she texted me that she got it and on her last day! I felt I let time go by too fast.

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